Former USAI Program Assistant James Llewellyn Welcomes Indonesian Diplomats in Wisconsin

On June 28, former USAI Political Affairs Program Assistant James Llewellyn presented Y.T.B. Ambassador Mahendra Siregar and Consul General Rosmalawati Chalid with a commemorative poster celebrating seventy years of Indonesian-US diplomatic relations. The presentation took place at the University of Wisconsin - Madison when Ambassador Siregar visited the Indonesian language program of the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute, where program participants introduced themselves in Bahasa Indonesia and, in some cases, Javanese. Following these introductions, Ambassador Siregar delivered remarks on the future of the Indonesian-US relationship, after which time the ambassador received the welcome poster made by first-year Indonesian language learners and presented by representatives from each level of the Indonesian language program. James, who celebrated his birthday on the same day as the Ambassador's visit, was delighted at the opportunity to introduce himself to Ambassador Siregar in Bahasa Indonesia and present His Excellency with a commemoration of America and Indonesia's enduring partnership.