Thank You, Spring 2019 Interns!

USAI thanks Spring 2019 Interns Aisac Accad, Gavin Fukawa, and Jack Yang for all of their hard work over the past semester. We wish our Spring 2019 interns the best of luck in their future endeavors!

Aisac Accad, Communications Program Assistant

University of Maryland

For me, I really loved how this internship helped me develop both professionally and personally. The smaller size of USAI meant that I had a lot of first-hand experience meeting government officials from both the United States and Asia, organizing briefings, and

Gavin Fukawa, Political affairs Program Assistant

Wake Forest


“My favorite aspect of this internship was that there was never a dull moment. You would think with the number of events we hold, the delegations we send, the delegations we host, and the meetings we attend, that USAI would be quite a large organization. The reality is that USAI is a small team of the most hard-working and dedicated individuals that I have ever met who never say no to a challenge. I have been able to wear a variety of different hats as a Program Assistant with each one teaching me something new about myself and this world. I learned to thrive in a dynamic work environment and was able to take on a new level of responsibility that I did not know I could handle before. USAI has given me an invaluable toolkit that I can use in any job that I might pursue in the future.”

Jack Yang, Political affairs Program Assistant

George Washington University