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China, Trade, and Power: A Discussion with Stewart Patterson

On October 25, the USAI is co-hosting a lunch briefing with the Hinrich Foundation discussing the themes on China, Trade, and Power.


Election Forecast for Diplomats

October 15, the US Asia Institute hosted its first diplomatic briefing on US mid-term election, "The 2018 Mid-Term Elections: A Look at What the US Congress Might Look Like After November 6".


Delegation Reunion Reception, Fall 2018

In the evening of October 5, 2018, USAI welcomed back the 119th delegation with the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, and the 12th and 13th delegations with the National People's Congress, at a reunion reception at USAI's townhouse.


Welcome Back Delegation CPIFA 119

The 119th Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs Delegation to China, organized by the US-Asia Institute, sent Congressional staff to Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing, the three municipalities of China.


Congressional Circle September Quarterly Meeting and Networking Session

In the afternoon of September 20, Sydney Stone, a Government Relations Officer and a member of USAI's Congressional Circle, hosted the USAI's Congressional Circle Quarterly Meeting in Washington DC.


The 2018 Mid-Term Elections: What to Expect from the 116th Congress and Its Policies Toward Asia

The US-Asia Institute’s Diplomat Briefing on December 10th aims to provide a primary assessment of the post-election congressional circumstances, what to see after the election, and what it means for the diplomats in town. At the briefing, a panel of congressional experts will present the issue, and there will be the opportunity for diplomats and congressional staffs to commingle together.

Vietnam Roundtable Dinner Discussion

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