Mancherie La Mere studies Business English Communication at Thammasat University. This summer, she interned with Representative Scott Tipton (R-CO) through the Thai-American National Internship Program.

This summer, I had one of the best experiences of my life: the Thai-American National Internship Program. It was made possible by the Royal Thai Embassy in cooperation with the US-Asia Institute. My time here in Washington, D.C. has allowed me to gain numerous valuable skill sets in regard to both work and life. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount, I also had a lot of fun, met many inspiring people, and made truly valuable friendships.

Cherie with Representative Scott Tipton in front of the Capitol


From my very first day, I was treated with warmth and kindness. My first week started with daily trips to the majestic monuments that dot the D.C. landscape as well as various government buildings where we met with a host of impressive, talented speakers. They readily passed on invaluable tips, which we later drew on in order to successfully navigate our individual job requirements and interpersonal interactions on Capitol Hill. Additionally, we were given time to talk to them on a personal, one-to-one basis, which gave me the chance to network and learn about future career opportunities.

Cherie in front of the Supreme Court


After the first week of meetings, I spent six weeks interning at the office of Representative Scott Tipton of Colorado. The Congressman’s office staffers and interns were very helpful and friendly, and one day, the Congressman himself took us to lunch in the Members’ Dining Room. My daily tasks included answering phone calls, logging information into the computer system, and taking notes at meetings and briefings. The office also provided me with various business-related assignments, as per my request, given my business emphasis at university. One of the most exciting experiences at my job was being able to help host the Congressman’s monthly telephone town hall, in which more than 4,000 people attended. And after the call, our Chief of Staff was kind enough to take all of the interns up to the Dome of the Capitol building to admire the best view of the city.

With three other TANIP participants


During the final week of the program, we were given the unique opportunity to intern at the Royal Thai Consulate. I enjoyed my four days at the consulate, and the lovely staff there took exceptionally good care of us. I had the chance to observe the procedures for obtaining and approving visas, passports, and other legal documents. Despite the short length of my time at the Royal Thai Consulate, it was exceedingly valuable. It allowed me to look into the needs of the Thai community in the United States – something vital to know for future leaders in our respective Thai communities.


Now, at the end of my summer internship, I am very proud to say that I have learned an incredible amount from this experience. I can honestly say that I have spent every minute of it with joy. My experience here has proved invaluable to me and has helped prepare me for my future career. At the start of the program, I promised myself that I would take full advantage of every opportunity I could to learn something new during my time here, and I believe I have done just that. I will leave here eager to apply all the knowledge and skills I have acquired to the eventual benefit of the broader Thai community.

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