What is it?

Asia News Brief (ANB) is a compilation of the most important news about Asia and US-Asia relations. Its easy-to-read format presents sources across the globe in five sections: Featured, Politics and Law, Business and Economics, Security and Defense, and Society and Culture.

How was Asia News Brief started?

Asia News Brief was launched in June 2015. Initially, USAI started the ANB initiative as a part of its long-running Congressional delegations program. While in Asia, delegates meet with government officials, academics, and key business leaders to discuss issues of importance to the two countries while immersing themselves in the culture. In this setting, ANB exposed the delegates to international issues and non-Western views to prepare them for their trip.

While this is still one way the ANB is used, its audience has greatly widened since its inception.


The goal of the ANB is to create greater access to Asian resources for the public. It makes it more convenient for anyone to read about key stories in East and Southeast Asia from different perspectives. The ANB is one way that the US-Asia Institute strives to help everyone broaden their understanding of international issues and close the cultural gap between Western and Asian societies.


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