Mr. Bold Luvsanvandan, Member of the Mongolian Parliament and former Foreign Minister of Mongolia, met with Executive Director Mary Sue Bissell at the US-Asia Institute on April 6, 2017.

Mr. Bold recently founded the New Mongolia Initiative with the mission of guiding Mongolia through its economic and social challenges to achieve successful modernization. The initiative seeks to address areas of development in Mongolia, including technological advancement, political and social stability, education and schooling, public health, an expansion in economic opportunities, and environmental security.

During Mr. Bold’s visit to Washington, DC, he honored Dr. Buzz Aldrin with the New Mongolia Initiative’s Lifetime Inspiration Award, which recognizes the extraordinary lifetime achievements of personalities who have changed peoples lives and who are a continuing inspiration. The event took place at the W Hotel on Friday night, April 7.

Find out more about NMI here: http://newmongoliainitiative.org/