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June 22, 2017

The Strategic Importance of the ASEAN Partnership

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June 26, 2017

US-China Energy and Environmental Cooperation

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Institute Insider Insights: “Congressional Inaction: A Brief Analysis of Factors Influencing the American Legislative Process”


By Anqi Wei, 2016 Rule of Law Fellow* October 6, 2016 Since the establishment of the three branches of the United States Government, the legislative branch has been criticized for negligence and inaction, and the executive and the judiciary branches for overstepping their powers. The lack of clarity in Articles II and III of the...Read More



Institute Insider Insights: Human Rights in Nauru vis-a-vis Climate Change – UN Testimony


2015 summer intern, Madelaine Clough, spoke on behalf of Franciscans International before the United Nations Human Rights Council in March 2016. Her statement spoke of human rights in Nauru vis-a-vis climate change. Madelaine is a senior at Colgate University.   Madelaine’s remarks begin at 28:38 Video also available on the UN’s website.Read More



Institute Insider Insights: “Slipping through the Cracks: The Middle-to-High School Education Gap in Rural China”


Every year atop a mountain in China's Yunnan province, a small minority of the roughly 450 students at Wantai Middle School[1] pass their high school entrance exam. In most cases, these exceptional students would be among the first of their family to attain a secondary education. This is a dream opportunity. Yet no more than ten students will go, with many deciding not to attend. Read More