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Featured Analysis: China’s Emerging Power: Cooperation, Competition, or Conflict


By Dr. Tony Cordesman “Setting the Stage: The Chinese Perspective, U.S. Forces in Asia, and China’s Growing Strategic Role and Dependence Outside East Asia”   * * * * * (View PDF of full article here.)Read More



Featured Analysis: Are Economic Resources to Blame for the South China Sea Conflict?


This February, reports of Chinese missiles in the South China Sea have reignited interest in a longstanding conflict between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors over control of islands and economic resources within the South China Sea. Overall, when looking at the resources at stake in the South China Sea, it is not clear that control of these resources are a primary driver of the continued disputes. Read More



Featured Analysis: Estimating the Impact of China’s Emerging Military Power


By Dr. Tony Cordesman No one doubts that China is a major emerging military power. It not only is officially expanding its military budget at roughly the size of its economic growth, it is modernizing and reshaping its military forces to both achieve growing regional influence and power projection outside the region. Almost inevitably, this...Read More