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Norman and Esther Lau Kee Fund


Norman Lau-Kee and Esther G. Kee

Founding Members of the US-Asia Institute

Norman Lau-Kee and Esther G. Kee are two founding members of the US-Asia Institute. They established a fund similar to that of the Joji Konoshima Memorial Fund entitled the “Norman and Esther Lau Kee Fund”. The first program funded by the Norman and Esther Lau Kee Fund was the Distinguished Visitor Award. The Distinguished Visitor Award is granted to an outstanding Asian individual from the business, government, or academic community. The visitor will travel to the United States to engage in briefings, speeches, and meetings with key groups and individuals on an issue of relevance to U.S.-Asian relations. The visitor will be sponsored by the US-Asia Institute which will pay all international travel, domestic travel, housing, meals, local transportation, and associated administrative fees (copying, editing, etc.) for the scholar throughout the duration of the visit.

Past Recipients
  • The Honorable Elsie Leung, former Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (2006)