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J. Matthew Szymanski Rule of Law Program for Chinese Students

2016 Rule of Law students meet with Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito


For four weeks each summer, this program hosts a small group of top Chinese law students in Washington, D.C. to meet U.S. officials and observe the U.S. legal and political system. Since 2008, a total of 41 students have met with over 1,000 U.S. hosts, including 106 Members of Congress, 151 administration officials, and 73 presidentially-appointed judges. See the List of US Hosts and their Letters of Support.


The program is sponsored and managed by USAI and one of its Senior Advisors, J. Matthew Szymanski, who worked for Congress from 2001-2007, and lived and taught in China from 2007-2014. See the Founder’s Letter. Funding is provided by USAI, Mr. Szymanski, and participating students. Donations to USAI for this program are most welcome.


Participating students are fluent in English and familiar with the U.S. legal system. They come mainly from East China University of Political Science & Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law, Tsinghua University School of Law, and Peking University School of Transnational Law (a four-year graduate law program that combines a Juris Doctor degree in American law with a Juris Master degree in Chinese law). For an overview of their educational environment in China and how they have been chosen for this program, see the China Context for DC Program.


Each year’s program is highly structured, with the students lodged together near Capitol Hill to facilitate a busy schedule. On weekdays, they attend congressional and judicial proceedings and meet with federal lawmakers, judges, and agency officials, and with private sector scholars, lawyers, and lobbyists. On weekends, they explore the D.C. area, visit other cities in the region, and interact with Americans in a wide range of social settings. See our Photo Gallery.

For more information, please contact :

Mary Sue Bissell

USAI Vice President and Executive Director
E-mail : mary.sue.bissell@usasiainstitute.org
Phone: 202-544-3181

Joycelyn Su

USAI Program Director
E-mail : joycelyn.su@usasiainstitute.org
Phone: 202-544-3181