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2018 Korea 101 Briefing Series

The 2018 Korea 101 Briefing Series is a two-part series on Korean politics and economics. USAI has experts speaking from the Korea Economic Institute, Congressional Research Service, and Korean Embassy to the United States.


2017 Korea 101 Briefing Series

The 2017 Korea 101 Briefing Series was a four-part series on Korea and its political relevance to the United States. We were honored to have expert panelists present to discuss a pressing and relevant issue on US-Korean relations.


2014 Korea 101 Briefing

The 2014 Korea 101 Briefing discussed South Korea's struggles as they confronted various political, cultural, and financial challenges in making high speed rail a reality


2012 Korea 101 Briefing

The 2012 Korea 101 Briefing invited experts to examine recent leadership transitions taking place on the Korean Peninsula with the succession of power to Kim Jong Un in North Korea and his efforts to consolidate power, as well as the results of South Korea’s recent legislative elections on April 11, 2012.