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My name is Claire Kippenbrock and I am currently a senior at Carbondale Community High School in Carbondale, Illinois.  I am part of the AP American Government class and I was given the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for a one-week internship with US-Asia Institute. On the last day of my internship I now have the chance to reflect on the experience:

During my time with USAI I was able to attend two programs, a conference on the dynamics of democracy in Asia, and a symposium on the security environment in Asia and Okinawa’s role in the Japan-U.S. alliance.  I attended a meeting with Congressional delegates traveling to China, who I helped prepare for their trip by creating and editing content for their briefing books. I researched Hefei for a city report and putting together a media report with relevant podcasts and documentaries.  While at the Institute I also added articles to the Asia News Brief as well as other projects around the office which gave me new insight into the organization and worldly knowledge.

My experience at USAI was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I am forever grateful for.  I would like to thank everyone at the US-Asia Institute who helped make this internship both an unforgettable learning experience. Thank you.