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The US-Asia Institute hosted Mine to Ours: A Global Perspective on the Sharing Economy. For this briefing, the Institute recruited panelists from Airbnb China, the Consumer Technology Association, and Heritage Foundation and the Internet Education Foundation to discuss the benefits and challenges created by embracing a, internet-based sector of economy.

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On April 20-21, along the sidelines of the 2017 World Bank Spring Meetings, AirQualityAsia convened its inaugural High-Level Strategy Session at the US-Asia Institute to discuss the issue of global economic development and its impact on air quality in developing countries in Asia. The first annual session brought together legislators and experts from the public...

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A discussion on the recent developments in North Korea.

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A discussion on Russia's involvement in the Asia Pacific region.

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Asian Development Bank and the US-Asia Institute present: Asian Development Outlook and the New Normal: Asia’s Economic Slowdown featuring Shang-Jin Wei, Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank on Wednesday, April 13, 2016

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Held on Tuesday February 2, the briefing series commenced with an overview of the U.S. administrative system and electoral processes, which contrasts with the parliamentary system adopted by many Asian countries.

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For Our Diplomatic Friends: A special series of off-the record briefings will be held during 2016 for Asian diplomats focused on Leadership in Transition:  The 2016 U.S. Elections and the Impact on Asia.  The first session was held on February 2, 2016. Subsequent briefings will be held every other month and will focus on various aspects of the...

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Cyber threats are a clear and present danger around the globe. With daily news reports of cyber-attacks on government, military, private sector, and even individual information technology (IT) infrastructures, no one is immune. In Japan—which is located in what is often described as “the world’s wildest cyber region” of East Asia—the Japanese Diet passed the Cyber Security Basic Act last year and the Government of Japan has just adopted and released its new “Cyber Security Strategy”. Further, the Japanese and U.S. governments

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Recent breaches of cybersecurity protocol at Sony, Anthem, and other companies have caused concern and raised alarms on Capitol Hill. In the past year, attacks have hit both governmental and private sector targets. The relatively new nature of cyber-warfare on US critical infrastructure confront policymakers with a lot of questions. This briefing looks to examine the foreign policy and national security elements of the cybersecurity puzzle with an emphasis upon hackers (both state-sponsored and non-state actors) in the Asia-Pacific region.

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With all of the political, economic and security disputes that Beijing has with its neighbors, how should the U.S. balance its diverse interests vis-à-vis the region? A rising chorus of criticism among some Members of Congress and others question whether the current policy is best for America, or if it should be changed. This forum discussed the options for change and the pros and cons for American interests.

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