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The Future of Trade on the Korean Peninsula featured Young Jin Jang, Minister for Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea as our speaker. Eileen Block from The Asan Institute for Policy studies was the moderator . Axel Catellier from Us-Asia institute provided the introductory and closing remarks. Thank you to everyone...

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A Battle for Influence on the Korean Peninsula featured Troy Stangarone from the Korea Economic Institute of America and Mark E. Manyin from the Congressional Research Service as our featured speakers. Dan Aum from The National Bureau of Asian Research was our moderator. Rachel MacKnight, USAI’s Vice President of Global Engagement provided the introductory remarks. We thank...

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Korea 101 Briefings 2018   Korea 101, Session 1: A Battle for Influence on the Korean Peninsula Keynote Speakers: Troy Stangarone is the Senior Director of Congressional Affairs and Trade at the Korea Economic Institute of America (KEI). He focuses on issues pertaining to U.S.-Korea relations, South Korea’s foreign and economic policy, and North Korea....

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USAI hosted an informative and engaging dialogue on Friday afternoon, May 11th. Chinese foreign policy experts and division heads from the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) met with American foreign policy experts for a lively roundtable discussion. They raised hopes and concerns for partnerships between the US and China, and they weighed the potential impact of...

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Description: Two generations ago, South Korea was a war-ravaged country- one of the poorest on Earth. Today, South Korean companies compete with top names in the global market; young people graduate from high school and college at record rates; and broadband access is extraordinarily high. South Korean citizens also have something the U.S. still strives for- broad access to high speed rail. how did this once poor country manage to do something that eludes the United States? It was not without struggles as South Korea confronted various political, cultural, and financial challenges in making high speed rail a reality.

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The US-Asia Institute invited experts to examine recent leadership transitions taking place on the Korean Peninsula with the succession of power to Kim Jong Un in North Korea and his efforts to consolidate power, as well as the results of South Korea’s recent legislative elections on April 11, 2012.  Speakers discussed these changes, in combination...

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