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Delegations and Exchanges

President Carter and USAI Founder Joji Konoshima at the 1st US-Asia Institute Gala in 1980.

Congressional staff delegations and exchange programs between the United States and Asian countries have long been a top priority for the Institute. These delegations serve to actively immerse participants in issues on US-Asia relations and create links between the legislators in the United States with their counterparts in Asia. USAI has led over 120 trips to China, 15 to Japan and a number of delegations to Korea and the ASEAN nations. Themes for these delegations have included trade, non-proliferation, environmental protection, energy, rule of law, regional and global security, economic development and terrorism.

Briefings and Receptions

Briefings consist of roundtable discussions and presentations by experts for a variety of audiences including young professionals, congressional advisors, foreign guests, and business and academic leaders.

Receptions are held at the Institute for foreign delegations, congressional delegation reunions, and gala events.


White House meeting with Hamilton Jordan and John C. White in January of 1978.

The US-Asia Institute has organized eight National Leadership Conferences in cooperation with the U.S. Department of State. These international policy forums have facilitated interaction among leading public and private sector leaders from the United States, China, Japan, Korea, and ASEAN (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam), as well as others from around the globe.


Programs at USAI are designed with the important goals of education, exchange, and leadership in mind. This Institute aims to equip students, policy makers, advisors, and other interested parties with the tools and opportunity to engage in the U.S.-Asia relationship. These goals are not only integral to the US-Asia Institute’s success, but the success of the U.S.-Asia relationship itself.

Our Internship Program gives hands-on experience for students interested in the field of U.S.-Asian affairs. Through education and exchange it is our goal to help interns become future leaders.

The J. Matthew Szymanski Rule of Law Exchange Programs seek to give Chinese and, as of 2016, U.S. students exposure to the institutions and officials of, respectively, the U.S. and Chinese government and legals systems.

The Joji Konoshima Memorial Fund and the Norman & Esther Lau Kee Fund exist to promote exchange and research among select Asian leaders from the business, political, and academic communities.