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Congressional Circle

The US-Asia Institute Congressional Circle is an alumni association of current and former Congressional advisors who have participated in USAI programs including off-the-record briefings and delegations to the region over the past 30 years.

The Congressional Circle:

-Recommends potential delegates to travel on future staff and Member delegations

-Advises USAI on programming, projects, and other issues vis-á-vis Congress

-Makes introductions to individuals and organization that might be interested in partnering with USAI on programs and events of mutual benefit; and

-Assists in expanding our corporate network

Read more about the latest Congressional quarterly meeting, please click here.


Our Members

Chris McCannell, Eris Group, Congressional Circle Chairman

Rachel MacKnight, USAI Congressional Circle Vice Chairman

Invited as a panelist at Congress & Administration 101, read here

Jeremy Berkowitz, Deloitte

Paul Bock, Holland & Knight

Jeff Choudhry, Nickles Group

Read more about his participation in Korea 101, click here

Steve Denis, Small Business Finance Association

Ruben Duran, PhRMA

Read more about his participation in Lunar New Year Celebration, click here

Jonathan Gregory, Yorktown Solutions

Surya Gunasekara, Section VII Strategies

Jeremy Haldeman, American Refugee Committee

Sheila Kennett Johnson, Author

Louis Lauter, CSIS

Donald J. Morrissey, Huawei

Read more about his participation in Congress & Administration 101, click here

Gregg Sheiowitz, Zurich North America

Sydney Stone, Alibaba

James Travis, Monsanto