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Month: September 2013


When one examines the U.S.-China relationship, most discussions focus on economic, trade, and strategic issues. In a unique act of diplomacy, DMG Entertainment – a Chinese-based film studio – promotes collaboration between the U.S. and China through the film industry. Chris Fenton, President of DMG Entertainment Motion Picture Group and General Manager of DMG North America shared the story of this collaboration, first on “Looper” and most recently on “Ironman 3” as well as other projects. He talked about the political, IP, and trade concerns as well as the strategy of opening and better understanding the largest market in the world with the second largest box office after the United States, including the challenges and special nuances in the global entertainment landscape.

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With the Asia-Pacific region driving global economic growth, the United States has emphasized increasing economic engagement with Asia as part of its “rebalancing” strategy. The Obama administration has said that the successful conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) talks is central to this U.S. strategy. However, several other ambitious

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