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Month: February 2012


The US-Asia Institute kicked off the Leadership in Transition briefing series by examining changes in the greater China region, specifically in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and how U.S. relations in the region may be affected. Taiwan began 2012 with a presidential election which potentially could alter the balance of diplomatic relations with China.  Hong Kong...

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The US-Asia Institute hosted its Annual Lunar New Year Celebration on February 2, 2012 at the US-Asia Institute in Washington DC. Senator of Hawaii Daniel Akaka was the Guest of Honor in recognition of his 33 years of support and partnership with the US-Asia Institute.  Other speakers included Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade Michelle...

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With a slew of elections and leadership changes underway and forthcoming in Asia, along with the upcoming U.S. elections, 2012 will be a major transition period for leadership in the Asia/Pacific region which could significantly alter the political landscape. The US-Asia Institute’s Leadership in Transition Series examines these changes in the region, looking at how they might impact, not only the domestic circumstances within those countries, but also the intra-regional political climate as well as the U.S.’s relationship with those nations.

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